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Belloni Lamiere facilities

BELLONI LAMIERE, founded by Vincenzo Belloni in 1958, was among the first companies in Italy to supply oxy-fuel cut parts.

Even then, using machines with electro-magnetic traction, the BELLONI LAMIERE demonstrated its commitment to be a pioneer.

Since 1981 the first numerical control was introduced to replace traditional systems with optical drawing readers.

In 2004
the BELLONI LAMIERE opened a mechanical machining department to complete the metal plates cutting area requests as well as to meet and satisfy the ever growing needs of the market.

After more than half a century, today BELLONI LAMIERE is among the few companies in Italy that can boast of such long presence and experience in the field of metal plates processing.

The human resources, highly qualified and specialized, are one of the main strengths of the company.

The quality of the products supplied, the careful process controls and the on-time deliveries makes BELLONI LAMIERE a reference point in the market.

The company is located in Piacenza close to the most important highways cross in the north of Italy and operates on a 15,000 square meters area.