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Sales Office: it has the target to promptly issue analysis and quotations on demand,  carrying out visits on site  to evaluate each individual need . Highly experienced personnel is able to meet demands both technically as well as from the logistic and organisation point of view, offering the best solution at competitive sales conditions.

Production Office: it fully coordinates the entire production process starting from the  programming, the machining to the goods final shipping   .

Technical Office: it carries out the drawings,  creates and optimizes the cutting plans minimizing the percentage of scrap and increasing the machining speed.

Purchasing Office: it makes a constant and careful raw material suppliers selection and monitoring among the main European steel manufacturers, to ensure the best quality and stock availability. The average warehouse stock of 6,000 tons is composed of A516, C45, P355, S275, S355 material, both sandblasted and raw, plus over 1,000 tons of special steels.

Quality Office: it is in charge of the incoming material check and respondance to the related certification and specs. Metal plates are properly coded and labelled to grant their traceability. On customer's request, the Quality Office prepares the material samples to be sent to
laboratories for specific mechanical/chemical tests and performs deep checks of the plates through ultrasonic pulses. Quality auditors control the entire production process all its phases along. If requested by the customer, the Quality Department sends the certificates of the metal plates used to produce the parts.

Shipping: once the parts have been processed, they are encoded and carefully packed by placing it on pallets and protecting it with stretch film. On customer request, a special packaging can be arranged too.